duplicate source in pim join

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i have an asa runnign 7.2(2) with pim enabled. directly connected to an upstream interface is my multicast source. Downstream, via my inside interface, i have all my clients off of two nortel 8600s running pim ssm. I manually entered all my ip pim ssm groups. No whem my client sends an igmp join for a specific group i see the 8600 send a pim join upstream to my asa; which is exactly how it should work. however, the pim join contains two duplicate sources for the same group. the traffic never starts, but if i wait 60 seconds for my client to send another igmp join the 8600 will then send a pim join, but, this time, with a single source address.

My question is this...i know this might be a nortel issue, but why would the asa care about having 2 sources for the same group when they are duplicates of the correct source address for the requested group? i am also running static group joins on the asa for all my channels. thanks!

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