Failed CCIE R&S 3.0

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Jul 27th, 2007

Well what can I say,

This has got to be THE most difficult exam I have taken in my entire life.

Not one question was straightforward with each requiring you to really think about it.

I was amazed that I got my 54% mark.

All I can say is, as per the Blueprint, know each topic in there in absolute detail.

I'm licking my wounds now and going for a retake soon and another and another until I get it :))

Good luck all


I have this problem too.
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Andrew Morris Fri, 07/27/2007 - 04:59


I'm already a member of Netmaster Class and have been using your written tests.

No disrespect, but whilst the questions written are indeed good, they do not nearly adequately prepare you for the new CCIE R&S 3.0 written exam and to be perfectly honest, the new exam can only be prepared for by truly understanding all the concepts as posted on the blueprint.

I don't personally believe either that I simply got a pool of very difficult questions.

The new CCIE R&S 3.0 has raised the bar significantly and only those who truly understand all the concepts will do well at this exam.

This is what makes this exam worth passing, so to everyone out there preparing for this, if you get this exam 1st time, then definitely reward yourself as you will have certainly earned it.


Andrew Morris

compsolv Sat, 07/28/2007 - 07:38

Yes - we were very impressed with the level of difficulty - especially in the areas of routing protocols, redistribution, and switch topics.

We are adding questions to the database each week to address new areas of focus from Cisco in the Written.

Thanks for the feedback and we will kepp improving our product for you constatly.

We just had three passers last week using our materials.

How did you do with time on the exam? Were you able to finish in time?

Anthony J. Sequeira


TESTiT - CCIE Written Prep

Hi Morris,

I am on your side. My advice is you have to know your problem first-- "where did my 46% gone?".

Have to clear what's happened, learnt from this lesson.

For examples,

1/ cannot see all interfaces in all routers routing table?

2/ scores in some parts are very low [eg, IGP/BGP routing low means you have to do more lab practice ; Security/RS/IOS/IP features low mean you have to browse more cisco documentation in your daily works; multicast low means you have to read more multicast resources, etc]

3/ time is not enough to review the configurations? -- SPEED UP!!!

4/ Or you are too nervous in the exam, ---during proctor modified some of your config make your lab collapse? Hardware failure? Or your own problem and it sometimes happened in other occasion?

5/ Lab practice is not enough (servey showed at least 150 hours RS experience before getting an CCIE)

I suggest you have a clear mind before you prepare to attempt the second.

Take care,


Andrew Morris Sun, 07/29/2007 - 23:42

Hi Alex / Anthony,

Yes I did finish in time with about 2 mins to spare but it is tight. Each question is extremely complex and involved and you need to be on your toes.

You've got to give each question about 90s and if you spend more time in one, then you need to catch up in the others.

My latest preparation involves revisiting all the concepts again and applying them in multiple scenarios together. I've found that this works and will definitely help in next attempt.

Either way, will keep trying until I get it. I've promised myself the Canon EOS 400D when I do :)


Andrew Morris


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