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Jul 27th, 2007
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I have a multilayer Cisco 3560 network. All sites are connected to each other using RIP V2. The area marked in red is what we are having an issue with.

1. We have remote sites connected by microwave links using Cisco 3560.

2. In the attached image "Site-1" inherits all the configuration from the Headoffice. They also get their internet connection from the Headoffice over the " 256Kbps DSL-DATALINK".

3. The area marked in red are the 2 sites, they were connected to each other using a data link.

4. The 100 Mbps microwave links were commissioned lately so we want to use these links for our Internet + Data connections.

5. HEAD OFFICE switch is running the VTP Domain.


1. I have rip version 2 running how do I get "SITE-1" to share the internet connection from Headoffice over the Wireless Links

2. Site-1 should get the IP address from the HeadOffice DHCP server over the wireless links.

3. The "DSL-DATALINK" should work as a backup/redundant link. If my 100 Mbps link is down it should automatically switch to the DSL link.

Kindly give me your expert comments/suggestions in how do I go about achieving the above.



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Edison Ortiz Sat, 07/28/2007 - 08:05
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I replied to this very same query 6 days ago, here is:

RIP works on hop-count and it will prefer the DSL connection over the Wireless link (1 hop vs 4 hops).

You can alter this behavior by creating an offset list on routes incoming the data link.

router rip

version 2

offset-list 0 in 5 [data link interface]

You need to this on both routers (site1 and HQ).

sarfarazkazi Sat, 07/28/2007 - 22:21
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Ok lets forget the DSL connection. If I had to share the internet connection from the HO to Site-1 how would I go about achieving that?




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