CCIE Security - 12.2T or 12.3 in the lab ?

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Jul 28th, 2007

came across this notice multiple times and this is confusing me ..

Availability of IOS 12.2T for CCIE Security Candidates

Cisco has deferred availability of the download for IOS 12.2T, used in the CCIE Security lab exam on Cisco series 2600/3600/3725 router platforms. Consequently, candidates studying for the CCIE Security lab exam will need to download IOS 12.3 mainline, which includes the Enterprise/FW/IDS/IPSEC features from IOS 12.2T. Please note that candidates will not be tested on any new features in IOS 12.3, and the exam will continue to cover only the features indicated from IOS 12.2T.

wht is the actual IOS in the lab , is it 12.2T or 12.3 mainline ? i dont hv 12.2T & i'm using 12.3 for practice...the integral differences between both these IOS is causing some concern so just needed some clarity on this....thanks

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According to the lab_equipment list, Cisco IOS Software Version 12.2T Enterprise/IPSec/FW/IDS feature set is used on all routers in security exam.

To be honest, I am not sure the difference between these IOS. My advice is if your current IOS can work fine with all the your lab exercise ( I mean your 'preparation materials') then, you don't need to bother in this matter.

Hope this help,


swapnendum Sat, 07/28/2007 - 20:31

there are a lot of differences man..just pick DMVPN and you'll know...and the bugs etc....since its the big one "CCIE", i wanted to be sure of wht i'm wrking on...

till now i hv got multiple responses..both 12.2T and 12.3 mainline are being seen on the lab..

Hi Swap,

I have compared both image over the same platform using the link Cisco Feature Navigator

and feel that you should OK to work with both image during Security exam.

unique to 12.2T

IGMP Fast Leave

Multi-VRF Support (VRF lite)

No Service Password-Recovery

unique to 12.3 mainline

**cannot see any related to security features

** Please use the link and compare by yourself.

Take it easy,

good luck to your exam.

swapnendum Sun, 07/29/2007 - 02:37

thanks mate

the issue is not about new features. I know tht there wont be any new feature as cisco clearly states tht. The issue comes in due to the integral differences in the working of both the images. For e.g. both 12.2T and 12.3 support DMVPN....12.2T wont support SPOKES being behind NAT while 12.3 can support based on the transport mode...

also there will be differences based on the bugs be an expert on both the releases, to know precisely about the documentation of both the release if i needed a confirmed answer on tht..

anyway many thanks for your help..


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