Expected syslog msg received from WLC4402

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johnnylingo Fri, 12/14/2007 - 11:05

I have a similar problem after upgrading to 4.1 When I turn on syslogging, I see that the WLC sends many of its messages to the syslog server at level 0, which is very annoying (we use a Unix server, and level 0 messages are displayed on the console). I have a TAC case open on this.

kevinoconnell Sat, 12/15/2007 - 18:01

You may be experiencing something like the Controller software is sending at different level of logging than the log level selected in the software.

You may find your issue is resolved by upgrading the WLC software version.

If the site is using WCS, you will need to ensure the WCS software version supports the WLC version of the software you will be upgrading to.

If you upgrade the WLC software to version, and the site has a Location Appliance in use and Rouge AP(s) have been detected, be aware the Controller can generate excessive Syslog messages of:

“Rogue Task: Received unsupported message 34.”

Expectations are this will be fixed in the next release of WLC software.

Unfortunately the impact of these excessive Syslog messages is more than just minor to any business or operation proactively monitoring these Syslog messages.


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