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Aug 1st, 2007

Hi every one, i faced this problem while i was practicing changing AD so plz have a look on it and tell me where i m mistaken.

I have 2 routers A and B connected via serial link

A serial ip

B serial ip

now i setup some static routes to other destinations like this

1) ip route ( is my loopback address just used to create the static routes)

2) ip route

now i ran eigrp on both routers

A--> router eigrp 100


redistribute static

B--> router eigrp 100


now the two routes to and were shown with D EX and AD of 170. My simple requirement is to change the AD of from 170 to 80 for example so i did this

access-list 1 permit

then in router eigrp 100

distance 80 1

but to my disappoinment it didnt work, can some1 tell me why this happened? suppose if i m given the task to change the AD of not all external eigrp routes but only the subset of those routes then how m i going to do it ??

waiting for ur valuable feedback


I have this problem too.
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mohammedmahmoud Wed, 08/01/2007 - 01:32


In the distance command please make sure that "" is the RID of the source router.

[edit] after testing it my self, it seems that it can't be done for External routes, as for external routes you must use "distance eigrp" command, and according to Cisco:

"You cannot set the administrative distance in EIGRP against certain routes or sources, as you can with other protocols. The command does not work this way with EIGRP."


Mohammed Mahmoud.

illusion_rox Wed, 08/01/2007 - 04:22

thanks for the feedback, Mohammad bhai there is one mistake in ur reply i thought i must correct it, for eigrp, rip and isis the ip address will be the ip address of the advertising neighbours interface address, only for ospf it should be RID, i have seen this clarification in wendel odom CCIE written exam certification so it will be the router's interface ip in my given scenario but still thanks for the feedback, u have also refer to a cisco doc can u plz sent me the link to this doc ??



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