2600xm routers support MPLS and QoS?

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Aug 1st, 2007

Im going for the new CCNP and I have a few 2600xm series routers. Can I use it to study MPLS and QoS topics?


I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by mohammedmahmoud about 9 years 2 months ago


I've used "c2600-j1s3-mz.122-15.T12.bin" on a Cisco 2611 with 64M DRAM.

Please use Cisco Feature Navigator to find the appropriate IOS image to support the features you require on the platform you require.



Mohammed Mahmoud.

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mohammedmahmoud Wed, 08/01/2007 - 06:01


Generally yes you can, please do check the feature navigator for the proper IOS:


P.S you might need to upgrade your DRAM/Flash, and i've even got once into a scenario where i booted my router over tftp to get the IOS.


Mohammed Mahmoud.

network27 Wed, 08/01/2007 - 08:03

Thanks Mohammed. My routers have 132MB RAM and 32Mb flash, i guess that enough.

network27 Wed, 08/01/2007 - 17:18

Hi Mohammed,

Which software feature set are you using?

Ive tried v12.4 enterprise plus and IP plus and advanced security IOS but they did not support MPLS

network27 Thu, 08/02/2007 - 00:23

Thanks Mohammed. You're a good man. If i could rate you out of 10, i would give you 11:)

mohammedmahmoud Thu, 08/02/2007 - 00:31

Hi Bao,

You are more than welcomed :) and thanks for using the rating system :)

Please never hesitate to come back for any further questions, and good luck with your CCNP.


Mohammed Mahmoud.

javierfcastillo Sat, 10/27/2007 - 13:51

Hi mohammed! i'm trying to do a lab at my university implementing MPLS. I have routers cisco 2610 series. This is my configuration:

Cisco2600-2(config-if)# ip route-cache cef

Cisco2600-2(config-if)# mpls label protocol ldp

Cisco2600-2(config-if)#mpls ip

My problem is that i can't use te "set mpls experimental topmost " command at the policy-map. My options are:


QoS policy-map class configuration commands:

bandwidth Bandwidth

compression Activate Compression

drop Drop all packets

exit Exit from QoS class action configuration mode

no Negate or set default values of a command

police Police

priority Strict Scheduling Priority for this Class

queue-limit Queue Max Threshold for Tail Drop

random-detect Enable Random Early Detection as drop policy

service-policy Configure QoS Service Policy

shape Traffic Shaping

My version of the IOS is:

IOS (tm) C2600 Software (C2600-TELCO-M), Version 12.3(15b), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

wich version do i need to run this command and configurations?? Any information will help. Thank you very much. Best regards!!


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