Pre-req tasks for 3.3(3) to 3.3(5) upgrade

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Aug 3rd, 2007

Hi all,

Thus far i have completed the following:

1 - successful backups of the platform to a single MCS.sti file on a nightly basis

2 - upgraded to OS release 2000-4-4a sr8

My next step (i assume) is to remove BARS version 3.5.6 from the Publisher, and install BARS v4.0.12.

After this, i need to run the Upgrade Assistant on the Pub and all Subs to make sure they will be ok with the upgrade.

Then, I go ahead and install the upgrade software "ciscocm-ffu.3-3-5.exe" and (if this installs with no issues) i then install the Service Release for this platform train - currently sr2c i think?

Have i missed any steps here? Anything to consider that might trip up the upgrade?

We run on DL380 G2 servers with plenty of disk space. Current version is 3.3(3) sr4a and we have no issues [other than vulnerability threats and a need to use the newer device packs which both require v3.3(5)]

Any thoughts appreciated :o)


I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Sat, 08/04/2007 - 08:49

Hi Andy,

It looks like you have done your homework here :) These steps sound correct and are in the right order. The one thing that you don't mention is if you are planning to remove a drive (I am not familiar with this server model?) but if you can remove a drive it is highly recommended.

Removing a Drive, Inserting a Replacement Drive, and Drive Mirroring (Strongly Recommended)

Upgrading with a single drive

The other thing that we usually do when Upgrading is to open a TAC case ahead of time so that we have a TAC Engineer assigned and familiar with our plan prior to doing the changes. It's one of those "better safe than sorry" type things.

Hope this helps! And best of luck with your upgrade.


andy_vvc1 Wed, 08/08/2007 - 07:39

Thanks Rob! I have our contact at HP on the case already. Interestingly, he has already noted a few components which *might* have been installed AFTER our original 3.1 install - thus these might need upgrading seperately.

Also - we have a few third party software packages that integrate with CCM. (ARC Solutions Reception Desk - uses Cisco TSP TAPI interface) I guess when we upgrade to 3.3(5) this would need to be re-installed from the ccmadmin - plugins section of CallManager...? (Not sure yet is a jump from (3) to (5) on the same 3.3 train will have this impact?)

Nothing is ever simple lol

rob.huffman Thu, 08/09/2007 - 04:58

Hi Andy,

Good catch on the 3rd party stuff :) These are the things that can really bite you on these upgrades. You are most correct that nothing is ever simple, but you are covering all the bases which is an excellent thing. Like I mentioned to you before we got bit on a change from 3.3.4 to 3.3.5 where we missed an important item in the Readme notes :(

I guess this is why they pay us the "Medium" bucks!

Take your time and don't upgrade until you feel ready and you should be good to go.

Take care and good luck!



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