ccna fail, 2nd time are the questions/topics the same?

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I failed my CCNA on 3/8 with a 821, so close... I have rebooked for 13/8, can anyone whos done the exam 2/3/4 times let me know if the topics are the same? or am I likely to get a totally different exam? are any of the questions the same etc.... any advice would be appreciated to help revision easier to undertake :-)


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brunokozul Sun, 08/05/2007 - 05:06
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Yeap Sam, I can feel your sadness here in Melbourne. But look mite, head up, have cold bear & forget it. Tomorrow is a new day, we?ll do it. I?m in final stage of preparation as well and will submit for test in week or two after 8 months of struggling and deferring. I have no personal experience at all but from friends & other sources I?m certain that questions are purely random and not much chance to repeat. Rather opposite, questions you had almost certainly won?t be on the next test ? pure statistic.

Keep you fingers on 13 aug.

prasenjitmedhi Mon, 08/06/2007 - 10:43
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I found that getting the following done really helped.

1. You need to know every topic, in the depth to which they are covered in study guides, verbatim. This is Cisco, and theres a reason why this certification is respected. You need to be thorough to get it, even if a lot of the stuff isnt used in real life. There is just no substitute to really knowing your (academic) stuff to pass this cert exam.

2. Spend a little extra time on the Simulations, they make or break your chances of passing the exam.

3. Read the questions carefully. Misreads/misinterpretations can be costly. You can only need to get about 8-10 questions wrong to fail the exam.

4. Review every answer before hitting that submit button.

5. On the multiple choice, use elimination to narrow down your list of probable correct answers, by eliminating the obviously incorrect ones.

Sorry if whatever I wrote seems obvious. It helped me though.


Please rate the post it if was of help. Thanks.


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