G729 phones to CVP and then back to G729 phones

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Aug 5th, 2007

Imaging this scenario,

This is Callmanager 4.2.3, IPCC-E 7.1.4, and CVP 3.1.

Agent phone in region A calls into CVP through a GK trunk with MTP enabled that is in region B. The codec between these sites is G729. The call succeeds by utilizing an available transcoder on an IOS gateway. The prompts from CVP work just fine and the call goes into queue. When an agent in region A gets the call the call fails when the agent picks up and you get the fast busy like it is a codec mismatch. The call is received into CM via a GK trunk that does not have MTP turned on. If I require an MTP it works fine but it uses 2 transcoder sessions which doesn?t scale at all. For some reason the phones are requiring the transcoder to talk to each other which should not be the case. They should be able to talk G729 to each other. Any ideas on this? I have been racking my brain!!!! Help!!!

I have this problem too.
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