amarmn1975 Mon, 08/06/2007 - 00:37
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Hii Remy,,,

The DN 5300 is already exist but I used it in EM for workround but when i log in by the dn 5300 i forward call from my original dn wich is 5115 to 5300 when it is not registred but when i made a call from my profile and it is only for internal calls it shown in other device 5300 the question is how can i make the reciever phone shows my original dn (5115)



Hi Amarmn,

Sorry but i don't understand very much all you want to do exactly so her are my 2 solutions.

2 solution to present another DN when Dial

First complicated: You create Partition with a Translation pattern which match all dialing numbers and transform it. You create a CSS and assign it to your line.

Second : You create a Translation Pattern with a prefix and it transform the dialer on the number you want (described in my precedent POST with perhaps a confusion between your numbers 5300 & 5115)

My advice is try to create a #XXXX Translation Pattern and look at how it works and if it is what you want. It is simple and you can transform what you want

Hope it will help you, don't hesitate



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