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lpezj Mon, 08/06/2007 - 01:13


If you are using ICM only, not IPCC, you can use the Partitioning feature to have fot until 5 customers in one ICM deployment, but, I think that the webview reports are shared between all the customers/instances.

If you are using IPCC (Enterprise) you can use Management Portal, a new component that allows the partitioning that you are requiring.

If you would like to have a lot of customers, you can try to use ICM/IPCC Hosted versions, but those versions are planned for telcos or great Contact Center resellers.

In another post in this forum, there is a solution that allows the Webview partitioning, but you will need some extra configuration:

One Cisco engineer showed me a workaround in IPCC 7.0 to segregate departments inside an enterprise, which is not supported by TAC. However it works.

(1) Create ICM objects with department keyword in EnterpriseName, for example, Dept1_Skillxxx.

(2) Create a new awdb for each department, for example, dept1_awdb, transfer database schema (from 'ent1_awdb') into the new DB.

(3) Modify all real time views, make sure they point to 'ent1_awdb', For all configuration views, add where statement to filter information for the department only. Like:

Create view Skill_Group

As Select * from ent1_awdb..t_Skill_Group

where EnterpriseName like '%dept1%'

(4) Run ICM setup in webview server to add a new instance 'dept1'.

(5) Back to HDS, add group 'dept1_service' into SQL login, and allow it access all views of 'dept1_awdb'.

(6) Go to URL https://webview/dept1, and create skill group report, it will ony show the skill groups named with 'dept1'.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

lpezj Mon, 08/06/2007 - 02:02


The differences between Enterprise and Hosted are, aminly, the way of deployment of the IPCC solution. Hosted is thinked for Service Provider to resell the service: ypu can have got a lot of customers with different IPCC Instances.

I think that in your case you would use IPCC Enterprise with Management Potal for the three customer partitioning. The traditional Partitioning approach on ICM is not supported with IPCC Enterprise.

Take a look to this documents related Management Portal:



Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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