What are the most popular 802.1X switches?

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I know that. I want to know which are the *most* popular switches that data centers use for actually doing 802.1x - 3750s? 2950s? 2960s? I would assume people don't use the 6500s to do actual 802.1x since those are primarily core switches and NAC is basically an edge function.

So when you go out to a data center and see how they implement NAC - what model switches do you find most of the time?

dgahm Mon, 08/06/2007 - 11:55


NAC is primarily used at the edge, so many physically secure data centers don't use it at all. Many large enterprises do use 6500s as access switches, so it really depends. We use 3750s for access when the port density exceeds 48, and 3550s or 3560s for sites where a 24 or 48 port switch is enough.

Just curious, but why is popularity important to you? You might talk to your Cisco account team, they might have some data they can share on sales.



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