Unable to upgrade on AIM from CUE 2.3.3 to 3.0.1?

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Aug 7th, 2007
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Hello all,

I've tried few times and I'm unable to upgrade from 2.3.3 to 3.0.1 release of Unity Express on AIM module.

I'm executing "software download clean" steps from "CUE 3.0 Installation and Upgrade Guide"

After language selection, I get this error and installation stops:

Language Installation Menu:

# Selected SKU Language Name (version)


1 ITA CUE Voicemail Italian (

2 ESP CUE Voicemail European Spanish (

3 * ENU CUE Voicemail US English (

4 FRA CUE Voicemail European French (

5 ESO CUE Voicemail Latin American Spanish (

6 ESM CUE Voicemail Mexican Spanish (

7 FRC CUE Voicemail Canadian French (

8 ENG CUE Voicemail UK English (

9 DEU CUE Voicemail German (

10 DAN CUE Voicemail Danish (

11 PTB CUE Voicemail Brazilian Portuguese (


Available commands are:

# - enter the number for the language to select one

r # - remove the language for given #

i # - more information about the language for given #

x - Done with language selection

Enter Command:x

ui_install scripts executed successfully.

Can not download payload with more than 160MB on AIM.

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I have AIM-CUE with 1GB CF disk, as I'm running 2.3.3 already...

Any ideas why "Can not download payload with more than 160MB on AIM"?



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Darren Lynn Tue, 08/07/2007 - 15:39
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Its possible that the CF on the AIM is full.

try the Software Install Clean option, this may get around the issue as it doesnt actually copy the files to the CF.

I've done quite a number of these upgrades now, but never run into any issues.

Markus Schneider Thu, 08/09/2007 - 09:06
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  • Cisco Employee,

Looks like a defect to me. I'll post something once I know more. The 'software install clean' method will work for sure, but I'm not clear yet why it is saying that there's no space when what it's downloading is < 160 MB. I've reproduced the issue, so it's a matter of figuring out what exactly it's doing (incorrectly).

mark_gardner Fri, 08/31/2007 - 05:21
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Did you manage to resolve this issue ?

I am encountering the same problem re 160mb



Markus Schneider Fri, 08/31/2007 - 08:45
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  • Cisco Employee,

This is a defect in the product. CSCsk01192.

I put in the release note:

The "software install clean" command should be used instead. This will immediately install the software after downloading instead of downloading it and then waiting for the administrator to issue a "software install" command following the "software download".

Note: A "software download clean" command that fails will still download all of the files (i.e. cue-vm.nm+aim.3.0.1.pkg, cue-vm-full.nm+aim.3.0.1.prt1, and cue-vm-lang-pack.nm+aim.3.0.1.pkg) EXCEPT for the language file(s) (such as cue-vm-en_US-lang-pack.nm+aim.3.0.1.prt1) to the CUE module. If a correct "software download server" configuration command is present, then when the installer issues the "software install clean cue-vm.nm+aim.3.0.1.pkg" command, all of the local files will still be used. The missing language file(s) will then be download (using the 'software download server' information from the configuration) when they are needed, after selecting them from the language installation menu again.


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