ASA 7.2 problem: Active/stanby mixed with backup ISP configuration

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Aug 9th, 2007

Document ID:70559 and Document ID:77809 mixed

When unplugging the cable to the router of the main ISP link, failover to secondary ISP router works fine. The router of the main ISP link is the monitoring target. When cable is replugged failover back to main ISP works also fine.

When reloading primary or secondary ASA being active the standby ASA becomes active perfectly but at the same time failover to the secondary ISP takes place and never switches back to the main ISP line. Even reloading the active ASA does not change the route back to the main ISP link.

The only way to go back using the main ISP link (as far as I know)is a reload of both the ASA's at the same time.

I can ping the router of the main ISP link from the active ASA in this situation. Then why doesn't is switch back to this link?

Is there a way to restart tracking?

Extra info:

The ASA's are installed in separate buildings. Primary and secondary ASA outside interfaces are connected to two separate switches that are connected with fiber to each other. Both ISP routers are connected to these switches. One in each building.

I have this problem too.
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