can u give me the difference between this...???

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srimural Thu, 08/09/2007 - 02:11

Hi Mahesh,

Nice to hear from you. Please find the below summary of functions of each components. This is with respect to a Cisco GSR.

Route Processor

Boots and manages line cards

?Provides and coordinates routing services

?Builds, distributes, and maintains FIB

Adjacency table, FIB table, MPLS label table

?Provides out-of-band console/aux ports

?Provides intelligence behind system monitoring and access

Line Cards

Perform all packet switching

?Statistics collection and reporting

?Run IOS

?Six different forwarding architectures

Switch Fabric Cards

Provides the data path connecting the LCsand the GRP

?Active CSC card provides the master clock for the system

?Everything traverses fabric in Cisco cell.

-Data is 8B/10B encoded

?Two components

-Clock & Scheduler Cards (CSC)

-Switch Fabric Cards (SFC)

Clock Scheduler Card

Scheduler (SCA)

Handles scheduling requests and issues grants to access the crossbar switching fabric

?Cross-bar (XBAR)

Sets the fabric lines for transmissions following the scheduling decision

I hope it helps a bit.Please feel free to drop me an email for any further queries.

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