Any experience with hybrid to native Conversion Utility?

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Aug 9th, 2007

Does anyone have comments on using the Hybrid to Native Conversion Utility (not to be confused with the Configuration Conversion Tool).


I have this problem too.
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tromer Thu, 08/16/2007 - 14:15

I have used it before, but I prefer to just do it by hand. It's a good start though.

I would take the cat config line-by-line and configure the correct IOS command for each.

Use the utility though, it's a good start, but make sure you double check between catos and ios. It may leave commands out that are not supported in IOS, so you may have to know a workaround.

kschleppenbach Thu, 08/16/2007 - 14:26

Thanks, But I'm referring to the Hybrid to Native Conversion Utility, not the Configuration Conversion Tool. The Utility is set up on a PC with the required code files and it does the config reg changes, reloads, file copies, etc. to perform the actual conversion from CAT to IOS.

tromer Thu, 08/16/2007 - 14:41

My bad, Yeah that sounds cool... Never messed with that one! I have to migrate a couple times every month or so and I'll have to check it out!

mohammedmahmoud Thu, 08/16/2007 - 21:16


Personally i've tried both, but i preferred doing the conversion without the Conversion Utility, using the Conversion utility can take more time (please do check step 5 in Run the Conversion Utility section, the five error messages that could appear), on the other hand i've felt the normal conversion without the utility is more logical and professional, plus i remember also that using the utility only applies to Supervisor Engine 1, 1A or 2 with a MSFC card.

How to Convert a Catalyst 6500/6000 Supervisor Engine from Hybrid Mode (CatOS) to Native Mode (IOS) Using a Conversion Utility

System Software Conversion from CatOS to Cisco IOS for Catalyst 6500/6000 Switches


Mohammed Mahmoud.


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