Catalyst 2950C24 - Configuration is deleted automatically

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Aug 9th, 2007

Dear All,

I am facing one problem with catalyst 2950 Switch. It's working on the network of 60 Vlan.

The Problem is one of switch 2950 -configuration is deleted automatically.

After reloading it will goes to Switch: prompt or sometimes it will working but with no configuration.

I have reconfigure many times though the problem persits.

I have formatted Flash and nvram also once than also the problem persits.

Can you please give me the solution if anybody knows about it?

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ankbhasi Thu, 08/09/2007 - 23:11

Hi Patel,

Can you paste the output of "sh version" and also check the config reg value?


Dipesh Patel Fri, 08/10/2007 - 20:17

Dear creig.eyre,

It's a Catalyst Switch and

Configuration register is 0xF

Dipesh Patel Fri, 08/10/2007 - 20:15

Dear ankbhasi ,

Here is sh ver output.


Switch#sh ver

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software

IOS (tm) C2950 Software (C2950-I6Q4L2-M), Version 12.1(22)EA6, RELEASE SOFTWARE


Copyright (c) 1986-2005 by cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Fri 21-Oct-05 01:59 by yenanh

Image text-base: 0x80010000, data-base: 0x80568000

ROM: Bootstrap program is C2950 boot loader

Switch uptime is 19 minutes

System returned to ROM by power-on

System image file is "flash:/c2950-i6q4l2-mz.121-22.EA6.bin"

cisco WS-C2950C-24 (RC32300) processor (revision B0) with 21013K bytes of memory


Processor board ID FAB0538W02Q

Last reset from system-reset

Running Enhanced Image

26 FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s)

32K bytes of flash-simulated non-volatile configuration memory.

Base ethernet MAC Address: 00:07:4F:12:2A:80

Motherboard assembly number: 73-5750-08

Power supply part number: 34-0965-01

Motherboard serial number: FAB0537B38T

Power supply serial number: PHI044201X5

Model revision number: B0

Model number: WS-C2950C-24

System serial number: FAB0538W02Q

Configuration register is 0xF


I have formatted flash and nvram than reload the IOS . After that it has worked for 7- 8 hours but again the same problem.

Switch shows stat/system LED is blinking. When I powered off and than Powered on it will boot up but there is no config is there . in Flash: config.text and vlan.text is there but in renamed formate.

glen.grant Fri, 08/10/2007 - 14:36

Config register is incorrect, should be 0x2102 or you are not saving the config with a "write mem" command when finished configuring.

Dipesh Patel Fri, 08/10/2007 - 20:23

Dear qlen.qrant,

No i have saved the configuration. and the problen coming in sworking condition not after reloading the switch.

When this happan the switch syst LED and Stat LED are blinking in green and amber color.

When I again Powered up after powereed off it will boot but with no configuration.

I have formatted flash and nvram also once. but the same problem is there.

p.crossen Wed, 10/24/2007 - 10:05


I have a 2950 switch which exhibits the

same problem that you had. Do you recall

what the fix was for this problem ?



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