Rob Huffman Fri, 08/10/2007 - 04:44

Hi Mike,

You should be able to set up a Standard Subscriber mailbox and then jusy tweak the After Greeting Setting to Goodbye or possibly Hang up (be careful to provide a nice exit);

After Greeting

Indicate the action that Cisco Unity performs after the greeting plays:

Take Message - Cisco Unity records a message from the caller. Click the Take Message link to view the Messages page.

**Say Good-Bye - Cisco Unity plays a brief good-bye, and the call is disconnected. Click the Say Good-Bye link to view the Good-Bye call handler.

Send Caller To - Cisco Unity sends the call to the destination that you select:

Call Handler - Sends the call to the call handler that you select.

Directory Handler - Sends the call to directory assistance.

Greetings Administrator - Sends the call to a conversation for changing call handler greetings over the phone.

**Hang Up - Disconnects the call. Use carefully; unexpected hang-ups can appear rude to callers.

Interview Handler - Sends the call to the interview handler that you select.

- Sends the call to the subscriber logon conversation.

Subscriber - Sends the call to the subscriber that you select.

Hope this helps!


ranpierce Fri, 08/10/2007 - 05:41

Mike, Rob is correct and on the greeting page just select say goodby or go somewhere else and don't chools take a message.



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