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Aug 10th, 2007

Could someone please describe the output of this command?

I have GEIP and some serial interfaces? which interface use cbus? how can i check it?

Router# sh controllers cbus utilization full

CY0Bus utilization for five seconds: 13%; one minute: 13%; five minutes: 13%

CY1Bus utilization for five seconds: 5%; one minute: 5%; five minutes: 5%

RSP MEMD utilization for five seconds: 0%; one minute: 0%; five minues: 0%

MEMD (local and remote) accesses from CY0 (last 5 secs): 11587213

MEMD (local and remote) accesses from CY1 (last 5 secs): 4378307

MEMD (local) accesses from RSP (last 5 secs): 206270

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purohit_810 Fri, 08/10/2007 - 19:05

As of your Output I guess you have 7500 Series of router.

Any way anything, see below difference:

When you are issue command SHOW CONTROLLERS CBUS at that time it show all interfaces information.

When you you are going to issue SHOW CONTROLLERS CBUS UTILIZATION, It looks up as of router architectures into routers PACKET MEMORY on RSP (MEMD)buffer. It shows that PACKET MEMORY buffer information.

Now be clear on that also, there are difference between processor memory and Packet memory.

Process memory uses for: to switch packet and that you can see by command " SHOW BUFFERS"

Packet Memory: MEMD size is 8 MB. MEMD is distributed between all interfaces at the time of bootup, when there is an online insertion and removal (OIR), a microcode reload, a maximum transmission unit (MTU) change, or a cbus complex and that you can see by command " SHOW CONTROLLERS CBUS UTILIZATION "

It will give you utilization of MEMD buffers.

If anything else than revert...

You can see on below link details:

GOOD QUESTION ... I really appreciate.


Dharmesh Purohit

jahilnt10 Sat, 08/11/2007 - 08:19

Yea, I have cisco 7500 series router. Thanks for your explanation.

Well, this statement is really confusing me while reading the above mentioned document.

"If the VIP can make the switching decision and the outgoing interface is in another slot, the VIP tries to copy the packet over the cbus into the txqueue (in MEMD) of the outbound interface."

If MEMD is 8MB and I have two vip slots and i want to switch traffic from one vip controller to another than as per the document, it will use cbus and MEMD.

Does this mean that every single packet is being sent to MEMD in case of multiple vip slots or multiple controllers?


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