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Aug 11th, 2007

I have created a profile for in the DFM for the email notification.For some switches i choose the following

High Utilisation

And operationally down

and i have selected the informational level,

But i am wondering why i am getting the following messages in the email notification.

EVENT DESCRIPTION = Authentication Failure:MinorAlarm;

I have not selected the Authentication failure from the list and also it does not exist there..

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Sat, 08/11/2007 - 13:17

Authentication Failure falls under the MinorAlarm event. Please provide a screenshot of your notification group configuration.

shahkamrah Mon, 08/13/2007 - 01:03

Please find the screen shots..

For access switches i have used the group B

And i have not chosen authentication failure

however i am still getting the following messages..

My client is also concern about the one one message which does not make any sence to us ..

1. Cisco Configuration Management Trap:InformAlarm;

2. Authentication Failure:MinorAlarm;

there are sevel more ..these are not even in the evenset list ..

Joe Clarke Mon, 08/13/2007 - 07:17

You've selected Informational under Alerts in your Notification group, so this explains why you're seeing the MinorAlarm. What you should do is uncheck everything under the Alert configuration, and just keep the events. Events are more useful anyway when it comes to notifications as they contain the atomic problems.

shahkamrah Mon, 08/13/2007 - 07:31

So you mean i dont need to select anything under the alert configuration and just keep the events ,will it give me the information about things which i have checked in the group B for the access switches..

I actually want only information which i have checked..


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