CCIE program needs to be updated...consolidate the different tracks

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Aug 13th, 2007
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The CCIE in 2-3 years(if not already) is becoming half of what it was as far as marketing to employers. I don't think the knowledge to obtain the CCIE has decreased necessarily, but the ease of getting the certification has increased.

Rent a rack, get dynamips, buy some lab workbooks, buy some cisco press books, you will be a CCIE within no time.

They really need to consolidate the tracks!

Put together Security and R&S and possibly SP.

Make a certification that stands above even the present CCIE.

I think the multiple CCIE thing is a good idea, but employers and recruiters have a hard time keeping up with the difference.

It would benefit all Cisco professionals

to offer a more advanced exam nowadays.

The vendor workbooks have killed the CCIE in my opinion. It has made the CCIE easier to obtain and therefore less marketable to recruiters and employers.

my 2 cents

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ellis_b Mon, 08/13/2007 - 09:17
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You are going to be seeing some new CERTs coming from Cisco (including the CCDE and CCIA).

CCDE - Cisco Certified Design Expert

CCIA - Cisco Certified Internetwork Architect

The CCDE will be a PRE-REQ for the CCIA.

I think we are going to see another cert that is at a higher level on the CCIE track as well.

tperrier Tue, 08/14/2007 - 01:43
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The reason Cisco has created the CCIE is for them and their partners to have expert personnel able to design, configure and troubleshoot advanced architectures using Cisco products. It's not so that these people can make more money than non-CCIEs... That's just a side effect of the rarity of CCIEs. Offer and demand in a free market.

Cisco doesn't care, and doesn't have to, if CCIE mean salaries decrease; on the contrary, they must be happy that their program is so successful! By the way, are the CCIE mean salaries really decreasing? Otherwise, all this discussion is futile in my opinion.

etienne.basset Wed, 08/15/2007 - 01:23
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CCIE program keeps moving; Even if you have dynamips, cisco press books etc ... you'll have to think by *your own* when you're in the lab, master your stress and your time etc...

-People use workbooks? trust CISCO guys to design *crazy CCIE topologies*, you would be fired if you did this in real life but it requires a deep understanding of protocols to implement. (but yeah, i laugh every time i see a post 'i failed my lab it was not exactly like in ipexpert etc ...').

I agree vendor workbooks can kill the CCIE, so CISCO labs have to move faster than them.

- Dynagen is a GREAT tool; CCIE is very expensive and was selective for people who didn't have the money to buy their own racks.

So it opens possibilities for talented people who restrained themselves because of the price to pay. That is an IMPROVMENT

Overall I think cisco is trying to keep the pass rate constant over time to guarantee the value of the CCIE, maybe i'm wrong.

Maybe as you say they should recognize 'multiple ' CCIE more.

But NOT merge R/S and security, security is very different from routing (and historically CCIE sec was a 'light' R/S CCIE plus security, now it's a full security lab and it IS a good thing)

Even SP and R/S, which have the most in common, should not be merged (as basically, to pass SP you have to know everything that's in R/S plus MPLS) "enterprise" CCIE don't need to know all the MPLS subtelties.

Maybe you should given automatically names like 'master CCIE', 'senior CCIE' ...and other credits when you pass multiple CCIEs?

As a conclusion, I think that all people who took a lab recently (including me ;) ) will tell you that the level hasn't decreased (in fact comparing 2007 to 2006 i think it has increased) and you MUST be skilled to pass. CCIEs will forever be respected by those who one day or another took a lab, that's what really matters.



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