Loosing Connection CSS Management Port

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I have a pair of CSS 11503's configured in a one arm design - one gig port is trunked back to the LAN and the other is used fro ISC.

I keep experiencing a strange problem with my telnet conecction to the ethernet management port. There doesn't seems to be a pattern to the telnet disconnect, it is intermitent.

I have established the following facts about the problem;

- I can ping to both the Gig ports, traffic is stil flowing thrugh the CSS.

- The switchport that the management port is connected to remains up/up.

- The problem seems to correct itself after a period of time and i can establish a new telnet session.

Thanks for your help.

Joe Harvey

I have this problem too.
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I've got to the bottom of this problem!

I raised a case with TAC what a stupid problems it is...

Basically, you need to check the switchports that the menagement ports are connected to are either set to auto/auto or both sides of the connection are set to 10MB/FD.

I discovered that my swicthports were set to 10FD but the CSS was set to auto and so negotiated 10HD. The wierd thing is, no errors are logged against the switchport and there is no idication of an issue on the CSS.

I've re-configures the CSS ports and now all is working fine :-).




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