CCNA exam and practice questions

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kirkstrickland Tue, 08/21/2007 - 18:00

I took the Exam today. I felt very confident with most of the subject matter. As I answered each question I knew that I had the correct answers. The practice questions from the ccna prep center were certainly helpful and I also used the Kaplan self test for ccna as well as the techskills course ware. If you know the subject matter isolating the incorrect answers and determining the correct answer will come from understanding the criteria defined for the exam.

Although I felt confident I did not pass because I ran out of time with 17 questions remaining. I scored a 720 which indicates that I was doing well. I failed because I got stuck on a multipart question, became overwhelmed and lost track of time. Therefore my answer to your question is the practice questions (and I recommend as many sources as you can find to avoid memorizing the answers to a particular set of question)are good practice to help increase your speed but working with simulators and real hardware is equally important. Hands on practice will not only reinforce what you may learn from lecture or reading but will also help increase your speed in the IOS.


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