871: CPUvector 300, PC = 0x811CD7FC, LR = 0x8087

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Aug 17th, 2007
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Hi all,

(IOS : C870 Software (C870-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(4)T7, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1))

after running the router for month w/o any interruption, the device failed today /few times with an :

Unexpected exception to CPUvector 300, PC = 0x811CD7FC, LR = 0x8087


-Traceback= 0x811CD7FC 0x80870BF4 0x80874D90 0x80875794 0x8087593C 0x8034B0EC 0x8034E398

CPU Register Context:

MSR = 0x00009032 CR = 0x88082048 CTR = 0x80870B90 XER = 0x00000000

R0 = 0x00000021 R1 = 0x838C8D88 R2 = 0xFFF4FFF4 R3 = 0x82977218

R4 = 0x8352FF18 R5 = 0x83DBFE20 R6 = 0x00000000 R7 = 0x00000008

R8 = 0x838C8EB4 R9 = 0x83324368 R10 = 0x00000032 R11 = 0x0000000A

R12 = 0x22082048 R13 = 0x87FFFF0C R14 = 0x808757E4 R15 = 0x00000000

R16 = 0x00000000 R17 = 0x00000000 R18 = 0x00000000 R19 = 0x00000000

R20 = 0x00000000 R21 = 0x00000000 R22 = 0x00000000 R23 = 0x00000000

R24 = 0x827F0000 R25 = 0x827F0000 R26 = 0x82850000 R27 = 0x00000000

R28 = 0x00000003 R29 = 0x8352FF18 R30 = 0x83DBFE20 R31 = 0x82977218

Writing crashinfo to flash:crashinfo_20070817-161819

On the first fail, I reloaded the device and- bang- the flash: wasn't readable anymore !

In ROMMOM I got some strange I/O Errors on flash device. Finally i performed a format flash: successfully and tftpdnld'ed the IOS back to the device.

On first restart, I got again an excpection (same as before) but now the crashfile (I can submit infos from the crashfile - if needed) was written to flash w/o problems and the router is now up and running....


Is there ANY indicator for a h/w problem ? (I think yes, cause the config was unchanged since july and the router is running non-stop since december or so.)

Will dealer accept an RMA on this issue ?

Is this a (more or less) common problem with 871 ?

Any other out there with this symtom ?

Any indicator in the dump about the cause ? (I have NO experience in analysing cisco dumps)

Best and thanks,


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paolo bevilacqua Fri, 08/17/2007 - 09:14
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Hi Stephan,

at first look seems HW related. But please attach crashinfo.

Today was very hot, is your 871 well ventilated ?

stephanhd Fri, 08/17/2007 - 09:50
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Hi P. :)

the device is located in germany - but it was hot today too... nevertheless, the device is located in a small datacenter with equal temp all time.


Attached the crashinfo...


THANKS, Stephan




paolo bevilacqua Fri, 08/17/2007 - 10:04
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Seems like something related to DHCP but, could be erratic HW also. Delete crashinfo and check if it happens again:









stephanhd Fri, 08/17/2007 - 10:34
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...already done that... fired a bunch of "release dhcp .." renew dhcp..:" and "fsck flash:".... but the device is stable - hmm.

I will try to stress the device a little bit (it's connected to a 10MBit/s uplink) and observe.

BUT:can I still trust the device ?


paolo bevilacqua Fri, 08/17/2007 - 12:03
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Honestly I wouldn't know.

What I know is if under maintenance contract with cisco, they would replace it no question asked.


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