Survey Questions Affect CCNA Exam Difficulty Level ?

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Aug 18th, 2007

In How2Pass practice exams, CCNA 640-801, in the exam tips section, it states that 'many people have found that answers to survey questions affect exam difficulty level'. Thus if your responses make you look like a beginner, you will get an easier exam.

Surely this is not true ?

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scottmac Sat, 08/18/2007 - 08:16

It is certainly untrue.

My personal theory is that the opening questions generate the "random" seed for the question pool selection.

If you answer the questions the same way for each test (as I do) you will get (or mostly get) the same questions (assuming the question is still avaialble ... the pools change occasionally).

As with everything related to this topic; "only Cisco knows for sure" and anyone outside of Cisco, Vue, or Prometric that makes a definitive statemant that they do it this way (or that way, or any other way) as a statement of fact would be a massive red flag that the place is pumping BS.

I wouldn't trust 'em.

Good Luck



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