CME4.1 without CUE and Auto Responder

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Aug 19th, 2007
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I have CME4.1, no CUE

Outside calls from FXO are forwarded to Operator Hunt Group.

During work-hours no problem.

I is possible, during off-hours, to redirect outside calls from FXO to TCLAA? or another Responder.

Can it be automatically switched using nigth service or manually CFA?

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paolo bevilacqua Sun, 08/19/2007 - 02:32
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Yes, you can use AA-BACD as auto-responder. If using a proper hunt-group you can define a "final" number that will take calls when all operators are logged out or not answering.

If using a shared lide, you can set CFA to TCL-AA.

In both cases you will set a voip DP in "loopback" to make the AA to take the call. This done with makeing session-target to the same address as of the router.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

rsefer Sun, 08/19/2007 - 03:11
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Thank You,

Do yo have a configuration

paolo bevilacqua Sun, 08/19/2007 - 03:30
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For which part, how do you want things to work ?

rsefer Sun, 08/19/2007 - 04:57
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Excuse me,

I dont have any idea about how to do it?

Simply I have;

4-FXO lines

1-Operator Telephone, with 4-lines

During work-hours

Outside calls from FXO lines is forwarded to operator, then he-she forward the call to inside.

During off-hours

Operator has been already made CFA to TCLAA manually.

So Outside calls is forwarded to TCLAA.

Do you have a complete configuration

TCL-AA, Dial-peer, e-phone, ..

paolo bevilacqua Sun, 08/19/2007 - 05:11
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Ah, you want the full enchilada as they say :)

Under each fxo voice-port:

connection plar opx

config to AA-TCL, you have to adapt for your needs, read the documentation.



service aa flash:/IVR/app-b-acd-aa-

paramspace english index 1

param handoff-string aa

param dial-by-extension-option 1

paramspace english language en

param max-time-vm-retry 1

param aa-pilot 333

param max-extension-length 4

paramspace english location flash:/IVR/

param welcome-prompt

param voice-mail 20

param max-time-call-retry 250

param service-name queue


service queue flash:/IVR/app-b-acd-

param aa-hunt3 24

param aa-hunt4 10

param queue-manager-debugs 1

param number-of-hunt-grps 4

param aa-hunt2 23

!! Loopback DP for AA, you would CFA to 67

dial-peer voice 67 voip

description AA-BACD

service recorder

destination-pattern ^67$

session protocol sipv2

session target ipv4: <---- Router address here,preferably loopback interface

incoming called-number ^67$

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

codec g711ulaw

no vad

FINAL WARNING: You have FXO lines and during AA-BACD operation, you might have stuck calls because lack of disconnect supervision. Check that your telco (if in the US) can provide ground-start or power-denial. If not, you will need to configure tone-based disconnect.

rsefer Sun, 08/19/2007 - 12:08
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Thank you very much,

4 port FXO is forwarded to Operator Telephone usig connection plar opx

Operator telephone has 4-lines

So the operator CFA each line (4-times)

Which is time consuming, and open to mistakes

Is there any practical way to do it?

Is there any solution for automatic forwarding at off-hours?

paolo bevilacqua Sun, 08/19/2007 - 12:17
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No you don't need 4 lines for the operator. An ephone-dn can be made dual line so while on a call, operator will see and hear another one coming in. Beyond 2 simultaneous calls you would need to configure another ephone-dn, but usually that is not really necessary. So a single CFA is all what is needed.

Then yes there is a way to automatize night-service based on time and day (look for that the manual), but in light of the above, and the fact that it is a rigid mechanism, I do not recommend it.

Thanks for the nice rating and good luck!


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