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Aug 20th, 2007


I'm will be using CisoWorks to perform a device discovery for a bunch of IP addresses. The only info that I have are the IP addresses and nothing else, but I believe a majority of them are Cisco devices. I want to use CiscoWorks Campus Manager to perform a device discovery scan and hopefully will retrieve informtation that may help me gain knowledge about these 'unknown' IP addresses. I think I can use these IP's as a seed file and then import them in bulk and then do a device discovery scan via seed devices--can I do this or is there some other way that I need to proceed?

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Joe Clarke Mon, 08/20/2007 - 12:03

You can certainly import your seed devices this way, then perform a discovery. All reachable devices will then be synced to the Device Credentials Repository, and other applications (e.g. RME) will attempt to manage them.

In order for a device to be reachable, Discovery will need a proper SNMP read credentials (community string or v3 username/password), and the device must be SNMP-reachable from the LMS server.

gwhansen59 Mon, 08/20/2007 - 12:27

Thanks jclarke! Also,will it be possible for the unknown IP addresses, once they've been scanned (device discovered), to return a chassis serial number? Or does the device need to have the "snmp-chassis server-id XXXXX" written into the configuration? Just curious becasue what I'm really looking for is a device hostname and serial #...I think this is possible but wanted to ask.

Also, wondering about once the IP addresses are discovered, do I have to perform a data collection and how do I go about performing that task?

Thanks in advance...this forum is excellent!


Joe Clarke Mon, 08/20/2007 - 14:19

It depends on the device type and version of software running as to whether RME will find the chassis serial number automatically. You may have to manually configured the chassis-id, and some devices might not show any serial number even if the chassis-id is configured. For those, you will have to manually enter the serial number into RME.

Campus Data Collection will happen automatically (provided you have it scheduled) with all devices in DCR that match the Data Collection filter (or all devices if no filter is defined). You can manually start a Data Collection if you want.

gwhansen59 Tue, 08/21/2007 - 04:24

Thanks for the reply. I do have a question from your last response. Is there any documentation relating to what device type and IOS/CATOs that I will be able to find the chassis serial number manually or have to configure it first? What devices models may not show a serial number if scanned using the Device Discovery scan? --- I think 1700's can't provide serial #, think you have to physically inspect them.

The reason I ask is because I have a good understanding that the IP addresses that I previously scanned, are one of the following categories:

1. 6509 running Cat 7.6(1)

2. Cisco 8830

3. Device running 11.1 - 11.2

4. Device running 11.3 - 12.2

5. Cisco 6509 or 7606 running IOS 12.2

6. Cisco 15454 OT

I've got these IP addresses and I'm pretty sure they are Cisco, but rather than try and log into all of these IP addresses manually, I want to perform a device discovery scan and hopefully they will return some useful information, like a chassis serial #, hostname, etc. I think CiscoWorks can do this, and I hope it can, or I'm gonna have to write a script or manually log into each device and gather the device information that way, OR physcially inspect the device--NO FUN.

I really appreciate your help on this jclarke, I hope you may have some more insight into this. Hope you can respond.

Thanks again, in advance,



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