NAM-16 V2 modems failing to answer

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I have a 2811 Router with a NAM16 V2 modem card in it that we use for POS (point-of-sale) terminal dial-up.

The modems are configured as Dialin and we also have an Autoconfigure line that does an S=0 command to put the modems into Auto answer mode, however the modems never asswer the ring tone.

I have run a debug modems command and have confirmed that the modems see the incoming ring tone, but I can't get them to answer the incoming call.

Any ideas.

I have attached a copy of the config for one of the modems along with a copy of modemcap entry that we are running.

I have similar installs elswhere running on 2611 routers with the older NAM16 version 1 module and these are fine. I have compared the configurations line by line and can't see any obvious differences.

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