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Aug 21st, 2007

Hi Guys

Im about to start studying for the CCNA in novemember, but was wondering is the cisco academy stuff enough material to pass the exam?

Is there any books worth getting?

My other main worry is that I dont do a job which allows me to have access to configuring hardware and alike. I was wondering what other students have been doing to overcome this ?

Thanks guys

I have this problem too.
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mark.j.hodge Tue, 08/21/2007 - 10:48

As you intend to take the exam(s) in November you will probably be going for the "new" version, the "old" version exams will not be available after 6 November.

As this is the case, there is limited knowledge of the neccesary study required to pass. Your best bet is probably the new CiscoPress books

Not having access to hardware will make things a little difficult, but you can make do with simulators or possibly get a "lab" off ebay.

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mark.j.hodge Wed, 08/22/2007 - 03:12

You can find learning or lab environments for sale on ebay or other sites. They consist of a number of Cisco devices, ususaly for CCNA a switch and two or three routers, and the necessary cables to connect them together.

This enables you get get real hands on experiance, in a non production environment. You get the full command set, simulators tend to be restricted in there functionality.

Be carefull though, the new CCNA has new subject areas, existing labs may not have or support the necessary IOS for these areas.

NateBattle Tue, 08/21/2007 - 11:41

I use the Boson Netcim for CCNA @ Since the test will be new I suggest you check to make sure the labs cover the new material.

glengregory Wed, 08/22/2007 - 04:12

For CCNA, if you really want to get a firm grip of the CCNA contents, I recommend 2 study guides (get the new ones for 640-802):-

1] Cisco Press (INTRO + ICND) by Wendell Odom

2] Sybex Press CCNA study guide by Todd Lammle

Each book does not cover certain topics completely. For e.g. Sybex does not show you NAT & does not give you a good explanation on VLANs, STP, etc. The Cisco book gives full NAT config, covers switching very well, but skimps on EIGRP & OSPF, which is very important. So if you use both, you benefit!

Note:- Before reading the books, please make sure you check the errata & any updates. There are a lot of errors.

Practicing on real cisco gear is very important (I'm a hands-on guy). But if for some reason you can't, then there are Emulators, simulators, etc. Try these:-

1] Cisco 7200 Simulator

2] Dynagen

3] Boson NetSim for CCNA 6.0

For practice exams, I have heard that Transcenders are very good, but expensive. Here are some

others that I have compiled while studying for CCNA:-

And finally, practice, practice & practice!

Hope this helps...


Richie1888_2 Wed, 08/22/2007 - 05:17

thanks for the post my friend

can I ask you one thing though what are the publishing dates for these 2 books you mention

1] Cisco Press (INTRO + ICND) by Wendell Odom

2] Sybex Press CCNA study guide by Todd Lammle


Richie1888_2 Thu, 08/23/2007 - 04:54

great thanks i might get the updated one

I have the sybex study guide fifth edition for 640-801 that is the exam cisco is using just now before they change it in novemeber isnt it ?

i only really need a book as a suppliment to the cisco academy training.

jwadleigh Mon, 08/27/2007 - 12:51

Your best bet would be to register at a school that has a full working lab.

The school I attended in order to get my CCNA had a huge data center full of Cisco devices. Not only did you configure these devices during class (each student was assigned a router and a switch), but you had remote access to your devices so that you could play around with them from home.

There's no substitute for experience with this stuff. I understand that the test is becoming less and less theoretical. If you've actually worked with these commands before the test will go a lot easier.

Richie1888_2 Tue, 08/28/2007 - 00:55

i managed to get a 1600 router home from work so im hoping to mess around with that and hopefully get some experiance.


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