error when upgrading ws-svc-nam-2

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hello all

Im in the process of upgrading the nam module to a new version of software and the image I was trying to go to is c6svc-nam.3-6-1a.bin.gz. The FTP process finished then when the install started the below error comes. I have researched for hours but nothing I tried has worked. Short of calling tac... any possible solutions? thanks in advance

Image verification failed.

The image you are trying to upgrade is not a valid

Maintenance image or is not compatible with this release.

Upgrade with <ftp://root@> failed (1)

[email protected]# sho ver

NAM application image version: 3.3(1)

Maintenance image version: 2.1(3)

NAM Daughter Card Micro code version: (NAM)

BIOS Version: 4.0-Rel 6.0.9

Installed patches:

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 5
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