CUE AutoAttendant After Hours (S3) & Business Hours (S2) Problem

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Aug 22nd, 2007

I have attempted to combine the sample autoattendant scripts in order to provide after hours support in a CUE script. When the script is uploaded & run however, it rings three times and then plays the system error message. Has anyone had any success in adding busines hours support to S2 sample script?

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Markus Schneider Thu, 08/23/2007 - 07:18

The script itself looks OK. There's probably some other run-time parameter missing/misconfigured, such as a trigger or the app in the config.

Do you have a 'sh ccn trigger' and 'sh ccn app"?

The trigger must have the number that is presented to CUE when dialing in; it must be enabled and be the correct type (jtapi or sip), and have max sessions >=1. It also needs to be pointing to the correct application.

The application then needs to be enabled, must point to the right script (PCH.aef), have max sessions >=1.

If those all check out, then do a 'clear trace', make a test call that generates the error, and do a 'sho trace buff long'. It'll generate quite a bit of information, but will eventually stop scrolling. Look for the first EXCEPTION message; usually that message and sometimes the messages right before that indicate what it doesn't like.

w.shubin Thu, 08/23/2007 - 08:05

Thanks so much for the reply. I still can't see whats wrong? I have included the show statements for your reference. Any help is greatly appreciated!

sh ccn app

Name: pch

Description: pch

Script: pch.aef

ID number: 5

Enabled: yes

Maximum number of sessions: 6

Janice: 203

Mary: 202

Bruce: 204

Mike: 202

Candice: 201

S2_OfficeDir: S2_OfficeDir.wav

S2_FaxInfo: S2_FaxInfo.wav

EmergencyNumber: 98056965029

S3_AfterHours: S3_AfterHours.wav

S3_MainMenu: S3_MainMenu.wav

S3_SystemProblems: S3_SystemProblems.wav

John: 201

S2_LocationInfo: S2_LocationInfo.wav

OfficeGDM: 600

S2_SystemProblems: S2_SystemProblems.wav

Janet: 203

S2_MainMenu: S2_MainMenu.wav

sh ccn trigger

Name: 600

Type: SIP

Application: voicemail

Locale: systemDefault

Idle Timeout: 10000

Enabled: yes

Maximum number of sessions: 6

Name: 601

Type: SIP

Application: autoattendant

Locale: systemDefault

Idle Timeout: 10000

Enabled: yes

Maximum number of sessions: 6

Name: 610

Type: SIP

Application: promptmgmt

Locale: systemDefault

Idle Timeout: 10000

Enabled: yes

Maximum number of sessions: 1

Name: 611

Type: SIP

Application: businesshours

Locale: systemDefault

Idle Timeout: 10000

Enabled: yes

Maximum number of sessions: 6

Name: 612

Type: SIP

Application: pch

Locale: systemDefault

Idle Timeout: 10000

Enabled: yes

Maximum number of sessions: 6

sh br b t

UC500-CUE# sh trace buffer tail

Press to exit...

5231 08/22 17:04:39.866 ACCN SIPS 0 OutLineListener:---------------- LocalLine-612 notified about an InboundCall GCID=46F37F1C-504311DC-80BDCB5C-A36A88B0@ from=203 to=612

2965 08/22 17:04:49.807 ACCN APMG 0 UNABLE_INVOKE_APP:Unable to invoke application: Application=App[name=pch,type=Cisco Script Application,id=5,desc=pch,enabled=true,max=6,valid=false,optional=[

Markus Schneider Thu, 08/23/2007 - 09:05

Isn't the script name in all caps? That stuff is case sensitive, I believe. Make sure it matches the case under the ccn app pch.

w.shubin Thu, 08/23/2007 - 14:24

I changed the script name all lowercase & verified that all of the appropriate files have been loaded. It still gives me the system error message. This is driving me nuts. Any other ideas? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Markus Schneider Thu, 08/23/2007 - 14:38

You are integrated with CME, right? If so, could you just grab a 'show run', 'show software ver' and the 'show trace buff long' from the system (please do a 'clear trace' prior to doing this) after making a call and either attach it here or send it to

Markus Schneider Thu, 08/23/2007 - 18:42

What CUE version (show software version) is this? What version of the CUE editor did you use? Also, this mentions s2_main-office-dir.aef. Is that a different script than what you posted?

w.shubin Fri, 08/24/2007 - 06:43

The version of CUE editor is 3.0(1) and the software of the CUE module is:

UC500-CUE# sh software ver

Software Version 2.3.4

Build Number 1

Installed Packages:

- Installer

- Thirdparty

- Bootloader (Primary) 2.1.14

- Infrastructure

- Global

- GPL Infrastructure

- Voice Mail

- Bootloader (Secondary) 2.1.14

- Core

- Auto Attendant

Installed Languages:

- US English

Markus Schneider Fri, 08/24/2007 - 07:18

Ah, that's not good... You need to use the CUE 2.3 editor. You can use an older editor to load a script to a newer version CUE, but not the other way around. I'm not sure why it's even allowing you to do that. It shouldn't. Unfortunately, the problem with that is that it would be considered a defect in the 2.3 CUE software, which, by definition, wouldn't be fixed until a later software; so there's nothing that could be done in that software version itself. I'll have to take a look at that.

In any case, go ahead and get the 2.3 CUE editor. You will probably have to recreate the script. In most instances it won't let you open a script from a newer CUE script editor. Once the file has been saved with 2.3 editor, upload it and you should be further along.


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