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We successfully completed the upgrade from Unity 4.2.1 to 5.0.1 with no problems. We are enabling PhoneView on all our phones and it's working great on our 7940/7960 phones, but doesn't work at all on our 7961/7970's.

Unity diagnostic tracing shows the following error: "CiscoIPPhoneError [4] (Authentication error) - The CTI username and/or password may be incorrect."

It would seem to be a straight forward issue, however I know the CTI username and/or password is correct because the 7940/7960 phones are working correctly. Is there a device setting in CCM that I'm missing to allow CTI apps to run properly on the newer phones?

Thanks in advance.


I have this problem too.
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Hi Rob -

I've been watching that thread closely, but doesn't seem to apply. The correct DN is being reported and we use 4-digit extensions only.

I'm now finding that the Authentication URL in CCM Enterprise Paramaters could be the root cause of the problem. We use SynApps SA-Announce for multicast paging which requires the auth URL to be pointed to the paging server instead of CCM. For some reason this works fine on the older phones, but the newer phones do not authenticate properly for PhoneView pointed anywhere but the CCM.

I'll contact SynApps support, but any thoughts on the differences in authentication between the 40/60 and 61/70 phones?

Thanks again,


Hi Remy -

Thanks for the reply. Phones are associated with the CTI user, and "Test Device" in UTIM is successful.

The issue seems to be centered around the Authentication URL, but I don't know how to maintain paging functionality AND get PhoneView to work on the 7961's like it does on the older phones.

Thanks again,


After working on this for a couple of days now, I have a workaround for the Authentication URL issue that may help others with applications that must have control of this setting.

In my case it deals with SynApps SA-Announce paging software which redirects the auth URL to the paging server. Some firmware issue with the 7961 phones was not handling the redirection of the authentication request back to the CCM properly, thus the incorrectly formated request would return UN-AUTHORIZED from authenticate.asp. By creating a CTI user for Phone View that matched a known user name on the paging system (uid=SynApps, pwd=SynApps), authentication requests were redirected successfully and the 7961's were able run PhoneView AND Paging successfully.

SynApps is looking at adding support for additional user credentials via registry entry which would have allowed the entry of a second set of credentials to cover the CTI user created through the PhoneView process. I could have simply added the PhoneViewUser that was created as the Unity CTI user and had success.

Hope this helps. Thanks to everyone for their helpful input.

rob.huffman Fri, 08/24/2007 - 15:07

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for posting back with your resolution to this issue and nice troubleshooting as well! 5 points for your good work and follow-up :)

Take care,



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