AP1220B Client Connectivity Issue

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Hello.. We have about a dozen AP1220B that is not accepting any client connection.

I have a Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n adapter on my laptop and are using both NetStumbler and Braodcom Wireless Util for diagnostic and testing of the APs.

I'm running across a scenario where I have both Broadcom Util and Netstumbler running simultaneously on my laptop but the "failed" AP is showing up on Broadcom Wireless Util but not on Netstumbler. Does this make sense? Shouldn't I see the same AP on both utils since both utils are running on the same machine?

Aside from that, the real problem is that clients can't connect to these APs. I've upgraded to the latest 12.3(8)JEB1 and have imported the config.txt from a fully working AP (changed AP name and IP) and my laptop with the correct profile using broadcom client still does not connect. I can see the AP in Broadcom Site Monitor (not in netstumber) with a very strong signal.

Any ideas?? Any debug commands I can run? Eventlog is clean on this AP and both wired and wireless interface on the AP is showing UP.

Also - is there any software out there that we can use to centrally manage and also detect any APs that is having this problem? Again, these APs seem like it's working fine just by looking at the APs Web GUI except it won't accept any connection - we only found out about these going to each AP and manually trying to connect to them.

Really sorry about the long post.. hope someone can help...

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carenas123 Wed, 08/29/2007 - 08:21
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Did you try connecting cisco clients to the AP? If the problem is only with third party clients check if cisco proprietary features like Aironet extensions are enabled on the AP. If yes, try disabling the cisco features and see if you can connect the clients to the AP.

Thanks for your reply... we have tried using several Cisco PCM350 (if I remember correctly) client cards and the ACU as well but no luck... we have also tried to set preamble to long and disabled Aironet extension... same results - on all the failed APs - some we can't see the radio broadcast using tools suchs as netstumbler or the ones built in to the client software (ACU, Intel Pro, Broadcom) while some APs we are able to see the radio broadcasting the SSID (completely open security) but no client can associate with it and no error logs showing in the AP...


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