Cisco Call Manager Express and time settings

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Cisco Unity Express Version 2.2

I can't seem to get the time set correctly on the 7960 phones we have. I have set the clock on the router which host the Call MGR software to the correct time and also have set the correct time in the admin panel of the Call Mgr. The correct time shows up for less than a minute and then rolls back to the previously wrong time. Obviously it is polling its time from somewhere else but I have also disabled the NTP server that was listed under the Administration > Network Time & Time Zone Settings in the Call Mgr but to no avail.

12.3c IOS

Any help much appreciated.

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OK, I think I have found out the main culprit.

THe router it resides on is a 2821. I have used the set clock hh:min:sec M D Y and set the time to the correct time. Write mem and it saves the right time. However, when I log back in a half hour later it has gone back to the wrong time again. What keeps resetting the time?


oj88 Thu, 11/08/2007 - 00:53
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You may have the command "clock calendar-valid" and the calendar (a.k.a. hardware clock) is incorrect. This command periodically reads the date and time values from the hardware and copies it to the system clock.

If this is the case, issuing the following commands will yield different times:

sh clock

sh calendar

(Before going further, make sure that you've configured the correct timezone using the "clock timezone ..." command.)

To correct the calendar time, do this:

clock set

clock update-calendar

The last command syncs the hardware clock with the current system time. By now, issuing the sh clock and sh calendar should yield the same date and time.


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