smahbub Thu, 08/30/2007 - 10:35
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Last few months back, I researched about the compatibility issues between Windows Vista and CE500 but could not find anything that could point towards the root cause of the issue. However I think if you are able to get an IP address / configure the switches (CE500) with Windows XP computer and not with Windows Vista, there could be an issue with Windows Vista computers internal setting regarding DHCP. This issue occurs because of a difference in design between Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). Specifically, in Windows XP SP2, the BROADCAST flag in DHCP discovery packets is set to 0 (disabled). In Windows Vista, the BROADCAST flag in DHCP discovery packets is not disabled. Therefore, some non-Microsoft DHCP servers cannot process the DHCP discovery packets.

mccullrrcisco Thu, 08/30/2007 - 14:54
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Yes, I have this problem with a microsoft DHCP server. I have to change all my vista machines broadcast flag to 0 in order for any clients to authenticate to my open wireless access points.

Regarding vista & ce500 I was unable to configure my switch with vista.




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