Personal Communicator1.2, presence server=invalid credentials

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Aug 27th, 2007
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CCM5.1.2, CUPS6.0.1, Personal communicator1.2

configured CCM and CUPS as per doc and all passed the 'troubleshooter' in CUPS but the personal communicator failes Presence server connection with the status 'Failed to connect - invalid credentials'. the status from 'Server health' is green for 'Logon server, Voice mail, WEB conferencing and LDAP'.

follows the log file,

2007-08-25 22:01:23,296 [0x560] DEBUG LCWabiSinks - (WABIMSG_ONREGSTATE) OnProxyRegistrationState: SubID=26 proxyID=52 proxySlot=0 state=10 fail=401 'Unauthorized', fromGraveyard=false

2007-08-25 22:01:23,296 [0x560] ERROR LCWabiSinks - (WABIMSG_REGSTATE11) ********* CUPS ([email protected]) (slot 0) REGISTER STATE: FAILED!! code=401, reason=Unauthorized *********

2007-08-25 22:01:23,296 [0x560] DEBUG LCPersonManager - (MWMSG_PMI_WABIREGISTRATIONSTATUS)


2007-08-25 22:01:23,296 [0x560] DEBUG LCConnection - CUPC_PRESENCE reportResult(ERROR): reason=INVALID_CREDENTIALS, functionality=NONE

2007-08-25 22:01:23,296 [0x560] DEBUG LCConnection - CUPC_PRESENCE setReason(): [NONE] --> [INVALID_CREDENTIALS]

2007-08-25 22:01:23,296 [0x560] DEBUG LCConnection - CUPC_PRESENCE reportResult(): connection error!

Advise please,

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jbayuka Fri, 08/31/2007 - 10:42
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This error can occur when the "Authentication Module Status" under the "Service Parameters" is set to On.

To resolve the issue, go to System - Service Parameter - choose the CUPS server and Service as Cisco UP SIP Proxy. And in this page, check if the "Authentication Module Status" is On or Off. If it is On, you need to set it to Off and Save.

Also check if you have "User must reset password at next login" enabled for the user account on CUCM . In this case, make sure you either remove that, or that you log in via the CCM user pages and change the password first.

thisisshanky Thu, 07/10/2008 - 07:33
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5 points for an excellent find.

m-carry Mon, 02/23/2009 - 02:11
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This setting change solved the probelme for me too. I was just wondering what exactly it does.

Thanks for posting the solution though , happy to rate this.


htluo Mon, 02/23/2009 - 08:33
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That is not the best solution and NOT recommended by Cisco.

There are three solutions:

The best solution:

Configure digest credential on CUCM > End User. To make sure this configuration populated to CUPS, you might need to restart "Cisco UP Sync Agent" on CUPS side.

This is the most secure one.

The Ok solution:

On CUPS, configure incoming ACL to include all CUPC computer's IP range.

This is a less secure solution.

The worst "solution":

Turn off "authentication module" in service parameters.

This is very insecure and have a wide-opened door for hackers.

For more details, see:


yatian Sat, 07/25/2009 - 00:53
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Digest Credentials Not configured for the UserID on CUCM end user configure page could also cause this problem.


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