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hi! i accidently deleted a cisco 3550 switch's flash by "delete flash" command. I've another unit of 3550. Can i do a sh version and copy the .bin file from the working swith using tftp and restore to the switch that i;ve deleted the flash?

I'm connecting using console cable to the switch directly.

To backup the flash .bin file from the working switch: (assuming the flash file is called abc.bin and i want to copy the file into a foler called tftp in c drive. The tftp is turned on the pc that's connected directly to the switch through console cable)

copy flash: abc.bin tftp:\\\tftp\abc.bin

To Restore to the switch which the flash was deleted: (connected using console cable as well)

copy tftp:\\\tftp\abc.bin flash:abc.bin

Let me know whether the syntax above is correct or not. for the image file must it be the exact one as the one shown on the working swich or i can rename it to any other name? Pls advise. thanks

I have this problem too.
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ankbhasi Tue, 08/28/2007 - 07:09

Hi Friend,

Yes that is possible but not using a console cable. Using a console cable you are not in network but just connected to switch console via your machine com port.

Now first question here is after deleting image from flsh on your switch have you also reloaded the switch after that or it is still up and running in normal exec prompt.

If it is in rommon mode with switch: prompt then tftp is not possible and option left with you is only xmodem and if you are on exec prompt then yes you can take a backup of image from working switch on tftp server but tftp server should be connected to the switch via ethernet cable on regular port and once you have the file on your tftp server you can again copy it from tftp sever to your other switch provided your switch is not in rommon mode.

Yes the syntax what you have written in your post is correct and yes the image file name in working switch should be same when you copy on to the non working switch.



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