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Aug 29th, 2007

Hi all, when we talk about atm, I see that this is used for dsl, does atm have to use a dsl connection, or can it be over serial, e1. ethernet etc, and if so how is it set ?



I have this problem too.
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Joseph W. Doherty Wed, 08/29/2007 - 18:54

Yes, you've read or heard ATM is often used with DSL, but they are independent of each other. I.e. ATM can be used with DSL, doesn't have to be.

"Setting" ATM is dependent on hardware designed to work with. Just as you have "modems" for both cable and DSL that usually don't intermix, you have hardware for ATM.

ATM often can host other technologies on top of it. I.e. today you're more likely to have your information flow across ATM "under the covers", than use ATM interfacing hardware.

ATM can use different physical media, such as DSL, serial links, and the type of cabling commonly used for Ethernet.


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