CME: hiding translation-rule result (on phone display)

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I have a few translation-rules that take a 4-digit number starting with 5 (5xxx) and translates it to 1-514-555-5xxx. When a user dials that number on their 7960 phone, it shows the translated number (1-514-555-5xxx) on the display. Is there a way to "hide" the translation-rule result on a CCME 4.1? I've seen a few tips on a CCM but not on an Express...

The reason why I want to hide this is that the end user keeps thinking they are doing a long distance call, and they keep calling the help desk about it... no joke.

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This is my configuration - they are going through the PSTN, all phones have DID's

(extensions in the 5XXX range have did's starting with 1-514-555-5XXX, 6XXX 1-819-777-6XXX, etc)


voice translation-rule 5

rule 1 /^\(5[3-7]..\)/ /1514555\1/

rule 2 /^\(6...\)/ /1819777\1/

rule 3 /^\(7[0-4]..\)/ /1819666\1/

rule 4 /^\(75..\)/ /1819333\1/

rule 5 /^\(76..\)/ /1819444\1/


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