Harold Ritter Thu, 08/30/2007 - 05:31
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The purpose of this feature is to allow the auto-rp process to take place without having to configure your interfaces for PIM sparse-dense mode.

When "ip pim autorp listener" is configured globally, the multicast group required by the auto-rp process ( and will be flooded via interfaces configured for sparse mode.

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purohit_810 Thu, 08/30/2007 - 06:15
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?When configuring Auto-RP, you must either configure the Auto-RP listener feature using the ip pim autorp listener command (Step 5) and specify sparse mode using the ip pim sparse-mode command (Step 7) or specify sparse-dense mode (Step 8) using the ip pim sparse-dense mode command.


Note When you configure sparse-dense mode, dense mode failover may result in a network dense-mode flood. To avoid this condition, use PIM sparse mode with the Auto-RP listener feature.


?An interface configured in sparse-dense mode is treated in either sparse mode or dense mode of operation, depending on the mode in which the multicast group operates. You must decide how to configure your interfaces.

?All access lists that are needed when Auto-RP is configured should be configured prior to beginning the configuration task. For information about how to configure an access list, refer to the "IP Access List Entry Sequence Numbering" chapter in the Cisco IOS IP Application Services Configuration Guide at the following URL:



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