CSS 11503 - Redirect from https to http

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Aug 30th, 2007

Dear Pro:

I am try to 'redirect' incoming https request to a specific website, for example:

"Incoming->https://www.yahoo.com -->> http://www.yahoo.com", it does not work.

However, it does work for http redirect: "Incoming->http://www.yahoo.com -->> https://www.yahoo.com".

Any good comments? below is my config:

NOT working config:

content testlb_443

balance weightedrr

vip address

url "/*"

protocol tcp

port 443

redirect "http://www.yahoo.com"


Working config:

content testlb_80

balance weightedrr

url "/*"

vip address

protocol tcp

port 80

redirect "http://www.yahoo.com"




I have this problem too.
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Jose Garcia Thu, 08/30/2007 - 04:28


It will be expected that the first configuration you mention will not work, let me explain you why:

The Rule testlb_443 is listening in the incoming port 443, which is a port that will carry secure encrypted traffic (SSL), this means that the L5-L7 (which includes the URL) will be encrypted, therefore the CSS cannot match any L5-L7 statement in that kind of request coming to port 443.

So you cannot use URL redirections on Rules that listen on port 443, unless you use a SSL-Module to decrypt the traffic first.

The request for the second Rule testlb_80, will work just fine since it is listening in a clear text port.

I hope this makes sense.



zahkhan Thu, 08/30/2007 - 18:15

The redirect can only be issued once https is decrypted.

Either offload SSL on SSL module and issue redirect, or offload SSL on server and then issue redirect.


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