davidmeiker Mon, 09/27/2010 - 17:51
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The CE500 have a CLI Mode, Yes it have! and you can force your interface!

But In my humble opinion I think its a Emulation of the CLI

When you do all the configuration in the SW, just type in you internet explorer.."http:// + IP Swithc + /exec" for example ""

And you can emulate the CLI in the CE500.

josue jonathan ... Thu, 04/19/2012 - 15:39
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Hi Jose Quintero...

i try change the configuration the port in the switch catalyst express 500, i need disable switchport port-security, a try with and save configuration with wr command, if a check the configuration de port is correct but i reboot the switch and check the configuration the port appear the switchport port-security configuration again.

do you know solve this??

thk and regards!!!


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