wenqianyu Wed, 09/05/2007 - 05:04
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In RmCm Resources, assign the agent with 2 Skills. Then goto CSQ, one CSQ has one skill assigned. This way the agent will be shown as available resources for both CSQs.

hclauss Wed, 09/05/2007 - 11:01
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This will work in a way, but we are looking to have 2 queue's (or extension for queue's) appear on a single phone. One of our customers has a special number they call for assistance and our HelpDesk needs to answer the phone in a different manner. In other words, all of our reqular calls will go to one queue and all of the important calls go to another queue, but the HelpDesk needs to know what queue they are coming from.

aalejo Wed, 09/05/2007 - 11:11
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You need to send info to the Agent Descktop of which Queue Call comes from. This is done using CRS Editor and Descktop Administrator.


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