Router hops question.

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Sep 5th, 2007

I am stuck with working out a question on pass for sure sim. As pass for sure only gives you the answer and no explanation i wonder if someone would help me.

The question is a drag and drop and asks you to put the next hop in.

The CLI reads:

Local(config)#ip route

Local(config)#ip route

Local(config)#ip route

The choices for the next hops are:

Any help would be great.


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Hi Stuart

I don't quite understand your question. You are asked to put in the next hop, but you have not told us the next hop to where. I cannot see that any of these choices would be a next hop from this router if all you have as gateways are,, and None of your choices include these. Please could you update the thread with the excact wording of the question?


Sorry I missread your question will go via will round robin between and will go via will go via will round robin between and will go via

This is because the only network that has a static route configured is the 10.1.0.x /24 network. All other networks have no specific route, and will be forwarded to the default gateway.


farellfolly Wed, 09/12/2007 - 09:10

Hi, your answer is correct but netherveless, there may be a mistake in que question, the second and third line of the config have the same part of incoming addresses.

Local(config)#ip route

Local(config)#ip route

(The mask and and ip addresses on the left are the same for two different next hops)

Same packets thus have choices between and


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