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Sep 5th, 2007

We are moving to Cisco routers for VPN tunnels between client sites and our computer centers. On our site we isolate client networks and have independent ISP feeds for each client. As a result we need multiple routers on our site.

Features need to include the ability to sense a degredation in the primary line and the ability to automatically switch to the backup feed - features that are available on the 1841. However, the 1841 has much larger capacity than we need per client. Does the 871 offer these same features.

As an alternative, can the 1841 handle many many WAN lines (connections from the modems) and rount the tunnel traffic to the correct network with complete isolation?

I have this problem too.
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streamdata Thu, 09/06/2007 - 14:29

I had already read that info, but need help understanding the lingo. We plan to use modems for the ISP and come into the router with cat 6 from the modems. Can I select a primary internet line? Will the 871 monitor the quality of each line and switch to the secondary line if the primary line degrades to a pre-determined point? Can the router load balance between the two lines for internet usage?



spremkumar Thu, 09/06/2007 - 21:06

Hi Steve

I would suggest to have redundancy configured with the available 2 lines instead of load balancing.

Though you can configure outbound loadbalancing on both the links the performance may not be effective when it comes to inbound traffic.

You better think of going for ISR series routers where you have 2 FE WAN ports where you can plug in these connections from the SP.

Also you have built in switch port in few models which can be used to connect your LAN.


streamdata Fri, 09/07/2007 - 07:25


We're only concerned about the outbound balancing. You make it sound like you have to choose between load balancing and redundancy, is that true?

Can you answer my questions about sensing the quality of the internet connections and failing over to the alternate line if the primary line is going bad?

If we have two SP on each end and build tunnels between A-C and B-D, if the A-C tunnel is going bad, we would want the router to switch the users to tunnel B-D. Can you answer about that please?




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