T1 check

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Sep 6th, 2007

T1 check


i have 2 sites connected by 2 t1's through a converter

ROUTER<---->converter(RAD IMAXI-4)<--------->2T1's<------------>converter(RAD IMAXI-4)<---->ROUTER

i seem like i am not getting 3MB bandwidth as i supposed to get.

i want to make a sterile test, disconnect the routers and instead connect 2 pc's (i case i have some problems with the config) on each site

PC<---->converter(RAD IMAXI-4)<--------->2T1's<------------>converter(RAD IMAXI-4)<---->PC


1. is the command "PING -l 3000 -t" good reference to check that the that the T1's OK and i am getting 3MB bandwidth?

are the PC really generates 3MB packets and sends them?

how is ,packet wise,the ping command on PC works?

Is it a good reference?

2. What programs can i use to test that the T1's OK and i am getting 3MB bandwidth?.

3.Let say i don't have programs to help me, what kind of testes or checks (with my PC ) can i do to see that the T1's OK and i am getting 3MB bandwidth? (like downloading a file from one PC to another).


I have this problem too.
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lepavelcisco Thu, 09/06/2007 - 12:40


i am on vacation as soon as i get back i will try it in my lab.

but for now i need something simple, to guide someone to use it.

lepavelcisco Mon, 09/17/2007 - 13:28


i tried to use IPerf.

and i am kind of lost.

let say i have 2 PC's in MY LAN or i put 2 PC'a from each side of a T1, and i want to see what is the maximum bandwidth i have in each direction how should i config the iperf or Jperf to do TCP and UDP check and what results should i expect?

Joseph W. Doherty Thu, 09/06/2007 - 17:01

I like TTCP since it behaves as a TCP flow should but pushes to max rate. Also I like that you can use Cisco routers as a sink (if you send to the TCP discard port [if enabled]).


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