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Sep 7th, 2007

need to learn steps to add a laptop to a switch vlan. CATOS

I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Fri, 09/07/2007 - 20:00


To allocate a port into a vlan on a CatOS based switch eg.

Port = 3/5

vlan = 10

From enable mode

set vlan 10 3/5

Hope this is what you were asking


moroccancowboy Sat, 09/08/2007 - 04:22


thank you for your reply. sorry I was no clear with my question.

I want to know how to add my laptop to participate in one of the vlans.

thank you.

glen.grant Sat, 09/08/2007 - 05:18

you have to know where your laptop is plugged into the switch . Vlan assignment is done on a per port assignement on the switch itself. There is nothing on the laptop itself you can do to put it into a particular vlan .

moroccancowboy Sat, 09/08/2007 - 08:02


Thank you for your reply.

want the laptop to be part of vlan2 (ports 2/1-2) I want to be able to plug the laptop to port 2/1. how can I achieve that?

your help is very appreciated

glen.grant Sat, 09/08/2007 - 16:10

You will have to talk to your network guy and find out where the laptop is plugged in. you then assign vlan 2 to those ports , in your case ports 2/1-2 . If IOS switches then issue switchport access vlan 2 on the ports , if catos then it would be set vlan 2 2/1-2 .


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