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Sep 9th, 2007

Hi friend,

I have a problem. I have one customer that claim they don't have enough bandwidth during peak hour. Unfortunately they don't want to upgrade their lease line. I already did a QoS for their network.

To fulfill the network requirement, I need to turn their ISDN from backup mode to up during peak hour. As my concern, ISDN backup only kick if the lease line is totally down. I do change my config so ISDN can be up parallel with the lease line. So I need to go to my office every morning to turn on ISDN (change routing) to cover their requirement and turn off the ISDN at evening.

My question is:

1) Is there any method or technique that I can run a configuration every day without I need to key in manually. It will save a lot of engineering time. My friend suggest me used TLC script.

2) Is there is any command or example config to help me to turn on ISDN if the lease line is meet any % of their utilization (for example 70%).

you can PM me at [email protected] or [email protected] :blush:

I have this problem too.
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prasad.gsmc Sun, 09/09/2007 - 20:30

Hi, I think you have configured backup intterface for you serial. so try backup load-threshold 70 30 under primary interface.

this will kick when the primary reachs 70% and disconnects when it falls below 30%.

for eg

int srial 0

backup int bri0

backup load 70 30.

faezmuzamel Mon, 09/10/2007 - 20:00

Thank you. But than is there any technique that I can configure a router by schedule time.

For example:

8:00am - I want to turn on backup load 70 30

5:00pm - Remove it

How to do if everyday I need to do this command. I now try to read command scheduler and TLC script. Don't know whether this help or not.

prasad.gsmc Mon, 09/10/2007 - 20:21


Then you can explore the options of timed access-list (for that keep your clock updated). You may bind an interesting traffic list with your dialer list. This will control traffic triggering Based on yime


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