shah.chintan Wed, 09/12/2007 - 23:59


I've configured below MAC-address ACL

mac access-list extended MULTICAST

permit any host 0100.5e00.000d

I've Layer 3 interface connected to layer 2 network and I've also applied Storm-control on My layer 3 interface for Multicast storm.

Now, I wanted to block multicast packets comming from layer 2 network to my layer 3 interface execpt abvoe one. I was planning to use Layer 3 based ACL but as storm-control apply first and i will lost my genuine packets with strom, so i wanted to apply MAC based ACL on L3 so that genuine packet doesnt' get drop by ACL/storm control.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to apply thie MAC based ACL on routed port on 6500 12.2 IOS.

Can any one suggest better solution for this issue ?

IF it is needed i can provide more info...

Thanks in advance.



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